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Don’t let the elephant stand on
your foot, INSTEAD befriend it!

Everybody is talking big about digital marketing and investing very little in it, how to befriend this Mammoth?

"Unlike an operation to catch rabbits, trapping an elephant calls for expertise over enthusiasm..... You catch a rabbit to eat its meat. It has consumptive value but no regenerative value. You don't catch the elephant to eat it; once caught and tamed, it is meant to be an economic resource".

~ "Elephant catchers" by Subroto Bagchi


Digital Marketing - Like any successful initiative, it needs a proper strategy and creative execution. It is important for top management and marketing decision makers to understand the various components of this new medium, their strengths, and weaknesses, such that they can create a proper MIX to get the desired result.

Learn powerful #DigitalMarketingStructures

SEO is not done, it happens in 2017 -Learn Why & How

Did you know the right way of running FB ads? - Learn Paid Ad Structures

See how AI is working in the field of PPC - Learn future MarTech

How to spy on your competitors - Learn the Tools


  • Abhishek Rungta

    Founder & CEO
    Indus Net Technologies

  • Aji Issac Mathew

    Indus Net Techshu

  • Santanu Mukherjee

    Head of Digital Marketing
    Indus Net Technologies

  • Paul Hutton

    Head of Strategy & innovation
    i5 Group

  • Stephen Dart

    Head of Search
    i5 Group

The most structured Digital Marketing Framework

Who should attend

Anyone who recognises the impact of Digital Marketing in their organisation. Attendees at DMD are drawn from a range of job titles from CEO to Directors and Senior Managers.

C-Level: CEO, CMO, CIO, Brand Managers, Digital Marketing Managers / Directors, Brand Directors – Agency


Never struggle with Digital Marketing Know How...

Come to Free Digital Marketing Clinic

Share digital marketing objectives and concerns. We will do analysis and work on a roadmap.
We will have different people who will help you with the world's most structured approach towards Digital Marketing.

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